Layers of Defense

Layers of defense include everything from cloud-based DNS and web traffic filtering to software agents running on PCs that automatically detect and prevent malware and ransomware in real-time.

Rapid Recovery

We’ll make sure we have recovery systems in place to meet your recovery time objective. For most companies, that objective is measured in hours – not days. We do it by using imaging software that allows us to restore a full image of your server within a couple hours. Or, even better, a high-availability solution that provides automatic failover. Your employees keep working – not even aware there was a problem with one of the network servers.

Network Security

We’ll help you lock down access to your network, both internally and remotely. We can improve your perimeter security through firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, network auditing, and periodic vulnerability scanning.

Physical Security

We can help you design an office or IT server room the prevents unauthorized access. We work with a national leader in cloud-based key card security systems.

Data Security

Modern server hardware, coupled with Microsoft Windows Server, allows us to encrypt your stored data stored at rest.

Email Security

We can help configure a multi-factor authentication solution that raises the bar for the Bad Actors. Hacking someone’s email account becomes far more difficult. Additionally, we offer encryption solutions that prevent email from being intercepted in transit or while stored in your Inbox.

Cloud Security

We will help to implement multi-factor authentication for your cloud-based applications to prevent being compromised with an employee’s stolen credentials. We also offer backup solutions from a variety of cloud-based applications. Additionally, we offer a wide range of cloud-based security products that are affordable and effective, such as Cisco Umbrella, Malwarebytes for Business,, and Microsoft Advance Email Security.

Compliance and Auditing

If you are in a regulated industry, such as banking or healthcare, we can assist with your compliance requirements. We can help implement systems and write supporting policies and procedures that meet HIPAA and FFEIC guidelines. For companies that are not federally regulated, but still store sensitive private information, such as public accounting firms, payroll companies, and financial planning firms, we can facilitate the adoption of best practices for network security and review and improve your policies and procedures.


Without the proper measures in place, a successful ransomware attack can lead to extended downtime and reputational risk that can result in lost customers and revenues. We’ll help you detect and prevent a successful attack. But we’ll also help you be prepared for rapid recovery if necessary.

Phishing Scams

We can help thwart malicious attempts intended to trick an employee to click on a fake email or web link that, unbeknownst to them, downloads software, which then provides the Bad Actor with access to your network.

Bring Your Own Device

For companies that allow their employees to use personal computers, tablets, or mobile phones for work purposes, we can help secure those devices. While, at the same time, provide a way to selectively delete work-based applications remotely from the employee’s personal device when they depart the company.

Pricing Structure

We do things a little differently than a lot of our competitors do. It’s all about flexibility and giving our clients options. You choose the pricing structure best suited to your needs.

20-Hour Blocks of Time

For those who are not interested in entering into a monthly fixed-rate contract, we offer a support plan that is based on a block of hours. You draw down from your bank of hours as you use our consulting and support services. We bill in 15-minute increments for remote support and a minimum two hours for onsite support.

Managed Service Contracts

We offer comprehensive Managed Services Agreements that allow us to manage all aspects of your network. These contracts include network monitoring, security, patch management, helpdesk, strategic planning and annual budgeting, disaster recovery planning, asset management, vendor management, regular scheduled maintenance, and emergency response.

Time & Materials

This plan is for those who are just trying us out. You can engage with us for a project or to resolve a nagging problem. It gives you an opportunity to see how you like working with the Computer Showcase team. You are billed for services rendered, along with any equipment or materials used to complete the job.

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