Hardware as a Service

Purchasing PC hardware and software from Computer Showcase is not a prerequisite for using our IT support services, but it sure does make your life easier. With one email, you can order a PC for a new employee. That order will lead to software pre-configuration with the applications used by your company and a schedule deployment of the PC at your office.

Software as a Service

We also offer an array of cloud-based software application solutions (SaaS), such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. Additionally, we offer data backup and disaster recovery solutions from Datto and Carbonite. For Cloud backup of Office 365 and Google G Suite email and data, we have you covered with solutions from Datto and SkyKick.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a natural evolution for businesses that want to reduce their investment in physical server equipment. For those who would like to divest themselves of on-premise equipment by moving their servers and data to the cloud, we offer solutions provided by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. IaaS offers simple scalability. New servers can be added as the need arises or additional resources can be assigned to existing servers. For those companies that no longer need a server to run applications, we offer several file sharing solutions.

Pricing Structure

We do things a little differently than a lot of our competitors do. It’s all about flexibility and giving our clients options. You choose the pricing structure best suited to your needs.

20-Hour Blocks of Time

For those who are not interested in entering into a monthly fixed-rate contract, we offer a support plan that is based on a block of hours. You draw down from your bank of hours as you use our consulting and support services. We bill in 15-minute increments for remote support and a minimum two hours for onsite support.

Managed Service Contracts

We offer comprehensive Managed Services Agreements that allow us to manage all aspects of your network. These contracts include network monitoring, security, patch management, helpdesk, strategic planning and annual budgeting, disaster recovery planning, asset management, vendor management, regular scheduled maintenance, and emergency response.

Time & Materials

This plan is for those who are just trying us out. You can engage with us for a project or to resolve a nagging problem. It gives you an opportunity to see how you like working with the Computer Showcase team. You are billed for services rendered, along with any equipment or materials used to complete the job.

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