Why Managed IT?

Managed services provide a solution to offload IT maintenance, monitoring, security, and helpdesk so you can concentrate on what you do best — growing your core business. Adoption of technology should facilitate that growth — not slow it down. Computer Showcase can proactively manage your IT systems, help your company adopt new technologies, and add new layers of security as innovations become available in this ever-changing cybersecurity environment.

Consulting and Planning

After an initial assessment, we’ll work with you to develop a 3 to 5-year strategic plan that includes cost management; hardware and software procurement; network design, and integration. Without a road map, it’s hard to know if you’re headed in the right direction.


A good cybersecurity strategy is based on Layers of Defense: Identification, Protection, Detection, Response and Recovery. We’ll help you develop each of those layers.

Patch Management

In addition to automated patch management for Microsoft Windows operating systems and other third-party vendors, we also update your network devices, such as routers, switches, and firewalls so they do not become vulnerable to attack.

Network Monitoring

We monitor your network for outages and down servers, so we can take action to remediate an issue even before you notify us you’re having a problem.

Data Backup

We’ll manage and monitor your data backup jobs so you have peace of mind that your business will never lose data due to catastrophic failure.

A comprehensive backup plan involves both a local jobs for rapid recovery and an offsite copy to preserve your data in case of a disaster.

Business Continuity Planning

We’ll help you implement redundant failover systems to ensure your business has the resiliency to recover quickly from an unexpected catastrophic event. Typical failover systems include a primary and secondary internet circuit; a redundant copy of your servers that can be brought into production within hours; and an offsite copy of your data.

Software Delivery

We’ll manage your software subscriptions to ensure you’re always in compliance and positioned to quickly add licenses to outfit a new employee with the applications they require.

Helpdesk Support

Providing great end-user tech support is all about having a good working knowledge of your IT environment and responding in a timely manner. We don’t outsource our helpdesk, which ensures that when you contact us for support, you are working with our local team. The ones that are familiar with you and your network.

Onsite Service Calls

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for being in your office and in front of the equipment. We include scheduled onsite services call with our Managed Service Agreements, which distinguishes us from most of our competitors. It allows us to serve you better, and also, to get to know you better. Of course, we’ll also be there in a jiffy if there’s an unexpected problem that cannot be solved remotely.

Asset Inventory and Management

We use our remote monitoring and management software to keep track of PCs and Servers. We’ll document everything else in elaborate spreadsheets that we have developed over the years. We’ll help you manage your equipment rotation so that your equipment doesn’t grow old and reach end of life all at the same time.

Application Subscription Management

All of the major software vendors have moved to a subscription-based model, including Microsoft, Google, Adobe, and others. We track it all for you. Additionally, we track your manufacturer warranty and maintenance renewals so that they don’t fall through the cracks.

Pricing Structure

We do things a little differently than a lot of our competitors do. It’s all about flexibility and giving our clients options. You choose the pricing structure best suited to your needs.

20-Hour Blocks of Time

For those who are not interested in entering into a monthly fixed-rate contract, we offer a support plan that is based on a block of hours. You draw down from your bank of hours as you use our consulting and support services. We bill in 15-minute increments for remote support and a minimum two hours for onsite support.

Managed Service Contracts

We offer comprehensive Managed Services Agreements that allow us to manage all aspects of your network. These contracts include network monitoring, security, patch management, helpdesk, strategic planning and annual budgeting, disaster recovery planning, asset management, vendor management, regular scheduled maintenance, and emergency response.

Time & Materials

This plan is for those who are just trying us out. You can engage with us for a project or to resolve a nagging problem. It gives you an opportunity to see how you like working with the Computer Showcase team. You are billed for services rendered, along with any equipment or materials used to complete the job.

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